Saturday, January 24

Observing Model Home Decor Part 3

Downstairs Residence 2

The down stairs guest bedroom uses multiple patterns just like this bedroom from last week, with a more subdued gray and beige pallet. I like the calm feeling in this room.

I like the artwork in the downstairs bathroom, this would be so simple to knock off.

This is the main entryway display. I love those floral displays they always have throughout model homes. 
I find these faux orchids in thrift stores all the time. Did you know you can wash silk flowers?  You fill up your sink with a little dish soap and swish them around. Then swish in clear water and air dry on a towel. I put them in new pots, if needed and add faux succulents and/or moss if it needs it.  It's fun and way more affordable than the craft store. And best of all, they look real and don't require watering.

I like the idea of framing shells and sea fans, etc., and have never thought of framing colorful stone pieces, I like it. 

This chair would be easy to DIY, Take a piece of fabric and apply to the back with upholstery tacks.

A place setting can be simple and elegant at the same time. These napkins can be made with discount fabric and the gold pear would be really easy to make from plastic fruit and spray paint. You could also easily paint a gold rim onto some plain chargers.


This is a model home tool used to give you that fresh, clean feeling when you walk in the front door. I can't find this brand, I'm sure it's very pricey, but it's an air purifier and distributes scent. I set out to create this feature in my own home at an affordable cost. I found an air purifier at a yard sale for a dollar! It works perfectly too. What to do about that beautiful model home scent though? I have a wax melter I didn't use, so I dusted it off and set out to Walmart one day to select a wax melt closest to that model home smell. I sniffed through dozens of scents, most I found objectionable, but finely found it. It's called "Tea Thyme" by ScentSationals, 2 dollars for a six pack of cubes. And no they're not paying me to share this. My house now smells like this all of the time and I love it! (I now own three wax melters).

This was my favorite living room out of the 3 models. 

They always have a great way of styling coffee tables in model homes. Most of them have these great coffee table books sitting on them. I've been collecting some pretty nice coffee table books for under 3 dollars from thrift stores.

I've got to get myself a tree for my living room. I love these fiddle leaf fig trees. They're kind of pricey at the local nursery, but a great price at Ikea! I love Ikea.
Love that lamp! And the fabrics.

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